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Crisis intervention strategies, such as bringing a child to the Crisis Nursery before the caregiver becomes abusive, is only the first step in rebuilding a stable, nurturing family. Class schedules are posted below.

To register for a class, print and fill out the paperwork found here. Paperwork must be then hand delivered to FSC's administrative offices with payment.

Parenting Class

Families can easily fall into old patterns of behavior once the crisis has been resolved, unless they are taught more effective ways of interacting. Being a parent is one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences. This class allows you to join other parents for an educational and structured support group. During this ten-week course, you will learn about child development, how to develop positive relationships, how to improve communication skills, ways to use non-abuse discipline and behavior management skills, and other supportive and protective skills for raising children.

Anger Management

Anger Management classes are available through the Family Support Center. The class is designed to assist individuals in learning effective skills in healthy and controlled expressions of anger and emotions. During this eight-week course, you will understand and recognize anger, learn how to control anger when it rises, and learn coping behaviors that will assist you in resolving conflicts in a non-threatening way. To enroll please call 801-955-9110.

Steps to Healthy Fatherhood

Steps to Healthy Fatherhood is class based on the Smart Steps for step families curriculum. The Smart Steps class addresses issues unique to step families including myths, realistic expectations, stages of stepfamily development, defining roles and rules, finances and legal issues, building respectful and caring relationships, and more. Concurrent youth and adult classes are available for ages 6-18 as well as free nursery care for children ages 5 or younger. There is a free buffet dinner which starts at 5:45 PM--you don't need to eat in advance! Attendance is limited to the first 10-12 families that are willing and able to commit to attending at least 6 of the 7 classes. To enroll please call 801-955-9110.

Class Schedules

Anger Management

Current Session: January 9 - February 27, 6:00-7:30 PM for eight weeks. 

Next Session Begins: March 27 - May 15, 2018, 6:00-7:30 PM for eight weeks. 

Location: Family Support Center, 1760 West 4805 South, Taylorsville, Utah 84129

Course Cost: $175, No discount available.

Steps to Healthy Fatherhood

Current Session: In Session, January 18 - February 22, 2018

Next Session Begins: March 22 - May 2, 2018, 5:45-8:00 PM for seven weeks. 

Course Cost: Free

Parent Education

English Parent Education: Wednesdays from January 24 - March 28, 2018, 6:00-7:30 PM for ten weeks.

Next Session Begins: Wednesdays from April 4 - June 6, 2018, 6:00-7:30 PM for ten weeks.

Location: Family Support Center, 1760 West 4805 South, Taylorsville, Utah 84129

Course Cost: $150 per person or couple