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If you wish to donate in person, please drop by or send a check payable to:

The Family Support Center, 1760 West 4805 South, Taylorsville, UT 84129. If donating by check, please fill out our donation form. Click here!


We would like to thank our 2016 Cherish the Child Sponsors

We would like to thank all of our individual donors from Fiscal Year 2014-2015.

Adam and Marla Grimaldo
Abdirahman Yussuf
Aburahman Yussuf
Adam Chevrier
Alice Beaumont
Alice R. Thompson
Amy-Rose White
Angelina Harward
Ann Kruger
Ann Stone
Annette Richie
Anonymous Donors
Arthur Hurzeler Jr. and Janet Hurzeler
Astacia Carter
Aubrey Holladay
Aubrey Holladay
Barbara Iannucci
Barbara J. Perry
Barbara Jeffries
Bethany Lee
Betty Damron and Annette Janke
Betty Reed
Bill and Karen Garff
Bonnie Sherrell
Bonnie Thomson
Brent Walton
Brett Iddison
Brooke Jenkins
Brooke Larsen
Byron Gibbs
Caesar Cabrales
Callaway Mckay
Camine Yengich
Carl and Kristy Reese (and Neighbors)
Carolyn Williams
Charles J. Grahmann
Charles L Davis P.C.
Cheri W. Livingston
Chirag Juthani
Chris and Elizabeth Jensen
Christine Chytraus
Clair B. Stewart
Clayton and Annabelle Parr
Constance Greenwood
Cory and Jill Perry
Curt and Tanner Queyrouze
D. Cory Payne & Shauna Payne
D.P and N.P. Shriver
Dan Hess
Daniel Eagar
Daniela Jancovic
Dave and Trina Taylor
David and Connie Robertson
David and Tera Day
David Clark
David Winder
Dean Graham
Dean W. Bachman Living Trust and Juanita Reed
Debbie G. Scott
Deborah and Richard Brady
Deborah Cunningham
Debra Hunt
Dennis and Ann Spackman
Diane Peterson
Donald and Gloria Wallace
E. Jean Woodruff
Ed G. Haidenthaller
Eddie R. and Lorraine H. Cunningham
Elaina Harman
Emily Rounds
Faith Battaglia
Francis Gooley
Frank Brown and Lynne Labrum
G. Kay Lewis
Gary and Amy Oakeson
George B. Felt
Ginger Higbee
Grace Mayo
Grant Cannon
Gregory Henderson
Hal Gooch
Hali Schiltz and Sam Stanyon
Harold P. Woodruff
Heather Rosett

Pamela Fisher
Patricia Christensen
Patricia M. Adams
Paul Allen
Paul and April Ricks
Paul and Rachel Campos
Paula Marsh
Peter Maughan MD PC
Phillip Reberg
Pierre and Kathleen PearsonR. Wall
Rachel Pratt
Raine Byrd
Ralph Horton
Ralph Matson
Ray and Kathleen Kinghorn
Raymond Rizer
Rebecca Cruz
Rebecca O. Cruz
Renae R. Ashton
Renee Sorensen
Rhonda Watkins
Richard and Deborah Brady
Robert A. McConnell
Robert and LeeAnne McConnell
Robert Fratto
Robert O. and Carolyn S. Hoffman
Robyn Emery
Rod Pipella
Ruth Ludwig                               Sam Te
Sandi Aloia
Sandra Atkin
Sarah Brozovsky
Sarah Tucker
Seth Naylor
Shauna Peterson
Shauna Sniflett
Sheldon Woods                Shelley Harrison
Shelley Osterloh
Shelly W. Parkin
Sherry Bookman
Sheryl Pulsipher
Shirley Angel
Stacey Crawford
Stacey Smith
Stacy Smith
Stephanie Gollaher
Stephanie Van Drimmelen
Stephen and Sue Smith
Steve and Katy Christiansen
Steven and Heidi Baer
Steven B. Siebach
Susan Hostetter
Susan Hyde
Susan Kinker Czop
Susan Kolthoff
Susan Perham
Susan Southwick
Tara B. Davis
Teri Kieh
Terry and Karen Haney
Tim Raccuia
Tina and Goerge Sumner
Tonya Schaffer
Travis L. Webster
Twila and Glade Isaacson
Vasanthi Sekhar
Vickie Samuelson
Victor V. Gold
Wayne and Teri Lee Cederholm
William and Ronda Ernest

Jackie Detmers
Jaimie B. Rank
Jamie Griggs
Janie Wells
Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor
Jay Simmons
Jay Ziolkowski
Jeanine Leone
Jeanne and D. Wallace Thorup
Jeff and Jane McComas
Jeff Jorgensen
Jenn Gonnelly
Jennie Bauman
Jewel Reichert
Jo Ann R. Speer
Joan Mason
Joan Pingree
JoAnn Kremer
Joe and Kelly Stroud
John and Nancy Wingelaar
John Stewart
Jolene Terry-Phinney
Jon and Susan White
Jonathan David Durkee
Judith and Jeff Tidwell
Judy K. Yaka
Julie Buchholz
Julie Rees
Justin Gordon
Justin Shaw

Karen Kuipers
Karen Wiley
Karey Barker
Kathryn J. Cue
Kathy P. Grange
Kellie Mieremet
Kelly Kiyota
Ken and Janet Wallentine
Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation
Kenneth and Barbara Kloth
Kevin J. Mulvey
Kim and L. Redd Family
Kim and Patrick Lewis
Kim Coates
Kristin and Peter Kraus
Kristin Nau
Kyle Johnsen
Laura Williams
Leann and Chad Evans
Leisha Williams
Lola and David Britton
Loren Micalizio-Aguinaga
Loretta Sawyer                                        

M.D. and J. Harrison
M.W. Plunkett, Jr.
Magun Rae Winn
Mandi Burwell
Marc Call
Mari and Timothy Dougherty
Maria Davis
Marilou Sorenson
Mark and Shauna Williams
Martin Merrill
Mary Ann May
Mary Kay Lehto
Matt Alexander
Maude Norman
Megan Lundskog
Melany White-Flory
Melissa Fenwick
Melissa Wank
Michael McDonough
Michelle Allred
Michelle and Daniel Sampson
Michelle Hurzeler
Michelle James
Mike and Maria Plaizier
Myra and William Renwick
Nancy Hogarty Baker
Nannette Zito
Nathan Johnson
Nathan Snyder
Neil and Theresa Nixon
Nissen Liddard

We would like to thank all of our corporate and foundation sponsors from Fiscal Year 2014-2015.

Mariner S. Eccles Foundation
Marion and Maxine Hanks Foundation
Masonic Foundation of Utah, Inc.
Merrick Bank
Midvale City
Midvale East 4th Ward
Molina Healthcare
Morgan Stanley
Murray City
Neurosurgical Associates
One Community Church
Parr Brown Gee & Loveless
Pitney Bowes
Professional Flooring Supply Shared Blessings Foundation
Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church
Richard K. and Shirley S. Hemingway Foundation
Rocketeers Square Dance Club
Rocky Mountain Power Foundation
Salt Lake City
Salt Lake County
Smith's Food and Drug
Sorenson Impact Foundation
Sorenson Legacy Foundation
South Valley Water Reclamation
Synchrony Bank
Tab Bank
Taylorsville Stake Relief Society
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The Savage Family Foundation
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Unified Police of Greater Salt Lake
United Way of Columbia-Willamette County, Oregon
United Way of Salt Lake
Utah Association of Financial Services Foundation
Utah Department of Human Services
Utah Division of Child and Family Services
Utah Division of Workforce Services
Verizon Hopeline
Victims of Crime Act
Walmart Stores
Watkins Charitable Foundation
West Valley City
Wex Bank
Zions Bank

Ally Bank
American Express Center for Community Development
American Express Employee Matching Program
Ruth Eleanor Bamberger and John Earnest Bamberger Foundation
Bank of American Fork
R. Harold Burton Foundation
Castle Foundation
CIT Bank
City of Sandy
City of South Jordan
City of Taylorsville
City of West Jordan
Cottonwood Presbyterian
Council For Investment in Education
Cross Creek Advisors, LLC
Daniel's Fund
Dean W. Bachman Living Trust and Juanita Reed
Dyno Nobel Inc.
Ebay Foundation
Henry W. & Leslie M. Eskuche Foundation
Exchange Club of Murray
Exchange Club of West Jordan
Fehr & Peers Associates
Furst Construction Company
Garden Heights South Relief Society
Gateway League UBW
GE Capital Bank
GE Employee Matching Program
George S. and Delores Dore Eccles Foundation
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Herbert I. and Elsa B. Michael Foundation
IN-N-OUT Burger Foundation
Intermountain Healthcare Design and Print Center
Intermountain Healthcare Foundation
J.C. Penny Company Foundation
John and Wauna Harmon Foundation
Junior League of Salt Lake City
Kate and James Marshall Family Foundation
Kennecott Copper Foundation
Kirk Humanitarian Foundation
Lawrence T. and Janet T. Dee Foundation
LDS Humanitarian Services North America