Family Mentors


The Family Mentor Program is a free, personalized, confidential program for the overwhelmed parent. It is provided in the comfort of your own home to help you define solutions specific to your family challenges.

Families with children birth to 17 years old will come together during a 75-minute weekly visit to gain the tools they need to strengthen their family. They will learn and practice essential skills in their home rather than a classroom environment. Through this program, parents have indicated an increase satisfaction and confidence as a caretaker.

The Family Support Center employs and trains various para-professionals to teach in-home parenting skills.


During home visits, parents are given the tools to take on such challenges as:

  • Developing healthy routines

  • Handling stress

  • Keeping children safe

  • Problem solving, decision making, negotiation and compromise

  • Stages of development and having age-appropriate expectations

  • Helping families express negative emotions in healthier ways

  • Budgeting

  • Helping parents recognize what their needs are, as well as their children's, and how to meet them both

  • Home management - getting children to participate in household chores

  • Parenting through a crisis

  • Parenting special-needs children- *will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine if more specialization is needed*

  • Using choices and consequences to guide and teach children positively

  • Parenting teens

  • Communication Skills


Qualified Clients

  • Teen Parents

  • First-time Parents

  • Parents of Teens

  • Parents without Transportation

  • Individuals with Diverse Backgrounds Interested in Learning New Parenting Techniques

  • Families Hoping to Create a More Nurturing Environment


For more information and resources about families, please visit: The Department of Human Services.