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If you have questions, please contact Kellie Mieremet at after you have submitted.

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Please list exact issue and provide as much detail as possible, for example: - Put down "the search function in Outlook is not registering names" versus "the thing doesn't work". - Indicate time frame of when issue started occurring - Identify how often it happens - Indicate if there have been any immediate fixes that have worked and if so for how long? PLEASE TYPE AS MUCH DETAIL HERE...EVEN IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE WORDS TO USE...TYPE SOMETHING MORE THAN "PRINTER DOESN'T WORK"
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Have you tried basic maintenance yourself (for example: unplugging the phone/fax, doing a hard shutdown of computer, calling Les Olson when appropriate, etc.)? *
If you are submitting for the SHARP copiers/printers, you must call Les Olson. Number is on the machine. They are the first point of contact. If you mark no here and it is for a Les Olson managed machine, you will be directed to call them first no matter what.
What did Les Olson tell you when you called them? Is there something on our end. Please describe as much as you can.